No matter how your work life is going on, there are some opportunities for distraction.

Distractions are a part of life and it is a good thing but in small doses. Small breaks during your work or project often help to refresh your mind and prevent stress. But when you get distracted from your work for too much time, you’re sabotaging your productivity.

While you cannot completely control the distractions in your workday, you can take the following steps to limit them.  Here you go:

Prioritize Your To-Do List:

Identify the most important tasks on your list and become hell-bent on achieving them.

Work in 60-90-Minute Blocks:

When we work, we get tired. We lose our focus. Do not overdo it. Give yourself a fixed time to work and reward yourself with a small refreshing break in between each scheduled cycle.

Schedule Your Distractions:

They’re going to happen, so take control over them. Keep your stuff of distraction aside and set time for them. When you are working on some project then keep your focus on it.

Say No to Check Your Email:

While email is very useful, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is the biggest distraction. Don’t be a slave to your inbox. Schedule your time for checking emails.

Put Down the Phone:

Constant phone calls and text messages are common distraction culprits. Forward your work phone to voicemail and shut it down. You can check your calls and messages in the break.

Close Your Internet Browser:

Admit it when we are into Facebook or Twitter hours pass like minutes. So, gather up your willpower and close your internet browser.

Wear Headphones:

If you’re working on your project in a noisy place, put on a pair of noise-canceling headsets. People will not interrupt your work anymore and the world will become a peaceful place to work in.

Move to another Location:

When you’re under pressure to complete your task, you should go away from people to work in peace. If you are in a noisy place try to move to a silent place in the office to work in concentration.