When you start your business with a small budget, it is not possible to spend a big amount of money on promotions, advertisements, etc.

It could be frustrating when your budget dictates you to take your moves for promotions. Well, today I will tell you how to advertise free.

Use of Google My Business to optimize for search:

It is the most powerful way to advertise your business that enables the companies to manage their presence on Google maps and Google search. Google My Business can bolster your rankings.

Write guest posts for other blogs:

This is how you can connect to other blog’s audience and establish yourself as a thought leader of your industry.

Answer Quora’s questions:

This is how you can expose your business on a big scale to a large audience.

Publish content on LinkedIn:

On this platform you can connect with professionals, that is why it’s the best place to share your business content.

Offer to do interviews on other business’ podcasts:

It’s important to discover where your audience is consuming content to decide which platform your team should prioritize. Maybe some of your audience prefers to listen to podcast then to read. For reaching that audience, contact the businesses with podcasts and make interview ideas.

Promote your website on your email signature:

This is the time you need to take advantage of the promotional potential of your email signature. Your email signature could be an unexpected property to promote an event, sale, contest, or a new blog post.

Send email newsletters:

It is a great vehicle to share business-related news, promote content, and build strong relationships with existing and potential customers. There is a variety of free tools out there that can assist you in sending, designing, and optimizing your newsletter.

Network at in-person events:

Connecting with fellows at a networking session is a great opportunity to meet potential customers at a place where they want to discuss the business. The topics of networking event make sure that you’re going to meet high-qualified leads.

Speak at an event:

Just like networking, speaking at an event about your business-related topic is a great way to exhibit your expertise. Giving a powerful and thought-provoking speech will draw attention to your business and association, which can increase your brand awareness and prove that your business is qualified to accept the consumer’s challenges.