When we start a new business, we do not afford to spend a huge amount of money on advertising. And we also know that social media is the best platform for advertising. Now, what to do? Simple! All you have to do is post free ads on social media with some tricks and strong strategies. Here is how to post a free ad on social media.


You can freely advertise in a blog post, then aggregate your article using dig, share it, or delicious. Blogging is good for SEO as it puts the content very quickly in search engines that increase the traffic very quickly. Be interesting and passionate but do not advertise your product so frequent in a post.

Post to Facebook and other like sites, especially fan pages:

Post your ads on Facebook and other social sites like fan pages without spending a dime. We can say Facebook is like a free landing page.

Post on YouTube:

You can post your ad on YouTube or even on other sites like Tubemogul, to distribute your videos on famous sites. Keep this in mind that YouTube video is like a DIY, so being too professional and slike can be negative for your ad.


Jet Blue and Comcast have proved that providing customer service through Twitter is really efficient, and boosts your reputation as well. Providing customer services in front of a big number of followers, within a real-time, is as clear as crystal. Twitter also serves to humanize your leaders or company.

Track it:

Assure that your strategy is working. If it is not working then change it. Test, test, test is a famous mantra. Use analytic tools like Compete, Google analytics, or Trackur. Use Crazyegg for tracking, or Doubleclick for checking what people are doing on the site of their competitors.