We all know that Facebook is the hot button of political and social discussions and also for generating leads. But reaching those leads without paying feels like impossible. Well, actually it is not impossible. Here I will guide you on the unconventional way of using Facebook to generate organic leads.

Here you go:

Post Way Less Than You Think You Should:

You daily spend hours in perfecting your piece of content. You daft it 10 times and proofread it again and again. Like any good marketer, you post it on your Facebook. Wait for the traffic to arrive. Wait wait and wait and wait for the traffic.

We have been taught that post more content to drive more traffic. You post a good piece of content and repost it again and again to generate traffic. This is how you think you can generate organic leads. You share your piece of content again and again with different and exciting titles and some improvement as per requirements to get more backlinks.

Well, it doesn’t work anymore.

In fact, posting less in frequency and only focusing on top-class pieces is going to generate organic traffic and boost in post.

Engage in comments and build a loyal community:

Now you must be thinking this guy is really crazy. Like replying to each comment can generate leads? Nobody got that much time.

Well if you want to get organic leads in real, then it is the best way to make an impact on traffic.

Optimize Your Organic Audience Targeting:

The organic algorithm of Facebook prioritizes highly engaging content. The right audience stems from the highly engaging content.

Sharing SEO tips with the audience is not going to boost your comments or audience. Even on paid channels of Facebook, small businesses still miss the target audience. If you can’t reach your target audience through demographics, affinities, and interests/exclusions, it is hard to ensure that your organic traffic really cares about what you post.

Thankfully, with the optimizing tool, you can optimize your target audience on every post without paying a penny.